Athlete Wins the Title of NZIFB Overall Bikini Novice

Anna is a National Bikini Comp Winner

A couple of months ago I came 3rd at my first NZIFBB Bikini comp the Auckland Champs I took a leap of faith, inspired partly by an Idol of mine. Who I admire for the things she has achieved in the fitness industry and the beautiful heart space she has done it from.

I started incorporating a specific range and system of nutritional, cleanse and detoxify products in my daily life. It was a leap of faith as I was currently aiming for the National championships.

I noticed after about 2 to 3 weeks that I was waking up fresher, was less drained and hungry during the day, and was able to push myself that much harder in my cardio especially, as my mental stamina was stronger. Because of this the intensity of training and my recovery, I believe improved. I was a lot happier!

This resulted in a tighter and leaner package, especially in my hamstrings and glutes, brought to the Nationals stage and the title of Overall Bikini Novice.

Until this weekend I wasn’t sure exactly why this was happening and didn’t feel completely comfortable talking about it , but after learning about the extremes this company goes to deliver a high quality product and system I get it.

The master formulator of the products has retired a very wealthy man after formulating for thousands of products before. But he came out of retirement to create his own line with no compromise and teamed with a beautiful family who lead in such a giving way.

I strive to lead in this way with a giving and authentic heart. To inspire and teach and provide tools where I can. It’s amazing what’s available when you approach with an open mind.

If any of this is interesting to you give me an email. I can personally share my experience it’s not just a system for athletes it is formulated for anyone wanting to detoxify, distress, gain clarity and shed un-needed fat.


  • Products for free – Think of it like sponsorship
  • Leaner Stage Presence resulting in 1st place
  • Waking up fresher and less tired
  • Cardio sessions were easier with faster recovery times
  • More mental clarity and focus – Stress Relief Product
October 5, 2014
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